Providing simple solutions for complex chemistry problems for over 30 years


Chemistry capabilities

  • Small molecule development and manufacturing
  • Focused libraries, lead optimization , milligram to gram scale synthesis, analytical and method development/validation, impurity profile, identification
  • Development for commercial scale manufacturing from gram to multi ton scale
  • Carbohydrate chemistry & Amino sugars
  • Nucleotide and Phosphoramidites
  • Hydrogenation and Cyanation; Azide and Sulfur based chemistries.
  • Chiral Catalysts and Reagents
  • Novel Hetero cyclic compounds for supporting all the stages in drug discovery.
  • Pyrazoles, pyridines, Isoxazole, Oxazoles, Pyrazines, Pyridazines, Pyrimidines, Pyrrolopyrimidine, Azaindoles, Indazoles, Piperidinopyrimidines and Spiro ring compounds
  • Chiral Binaphthols & Boronic Acids
  • Reference standards and stable labeled compounds

CDMO capabilities

  • The manufacturing units are fully compliance to manufacture KSM, RSM, intermediates and NCE
  • Capable to manufacture in any scale (kg to multi ton)
  • Reactors capacities are ranging from 250 L to 6000 L, combination of both SSR and GLR including cryogenic & hydrogenation capabilities
  • Capable of operating -780 C to 2000 C + temperature reactions
  • Equipped with Zero liquid discharge ( ZLD ) and 40KL per day ME plant
  • Transition Metal mediated Reactions from Kg to 1000kg
  • Overall capacity of Unit -I : 15 KL and unit -II : 45 KL
  • Chemical and enzymatic resolutions



Having Headquarters/sales office in Cary, NC


R&D and Pilot plant ( Unit I) facility at Jeedimetla, Hyderabad

Hyderabad and Commercial Manufacturing Plant facility (Unit II) at Choutuppal, Telangana

  • R&D facilities with 30 fume hoods including 2 walking hoods
  • 60 experienced MSc scientists and 10 PhDs
  • The pilot plant consists of different suites consisting of one/two reactors (GLR/SSR) per suite, with independent AHUs
  • AGRs 200-300 L capacity with cryogenic capabilities
  • Basic GMP services like protocols followed from RM inward to the product outward
  • In total 60 KL reactor capacity
  • Fully integrated AR&D facilities with HPLCs with various detectors, GC, LC-MS (TOF) and complete wet lab support
  • Excellent QA and EHS support
  • ISO 9001 ( Quality Management System) , ISO 14001 ( Environmental Management system ) & ISO 45001 ( Occupational Health & Safety Management System) Certifications
  • PMDA Japan Approved facility for Intermediates

Business Model

Fee for Service ( FFS )

In this business model the price and timeline will be fixed. This is best suited for Impurities, ref. standards, advanced intermediates, NCEs & APIs on Kg to MT scale

Full Time Equivalent ( FTE )

This is for full time research programs to work on projects exclusively for a certain period (1-2 y) and the targets will be delivered as per clients requirement, schedule and priority. The cost of consumables and labour are billed to client

Collaborative Discovery Model

In this business model both the teams agree to certain milestones during the project execution and also the research program progress, where both the teams intellectually support each other. The project is considered complete after the final compounds are received by client for their future discovery pipeline.